Join Coders Of All Levels From Stamford Public High Schools

Show Off What A Great Coder You Are

What you will learn

An important part of learning to code is chances to collaborate and learn from other programmers. Hackathon’s are a great way to do this. Based on clear coding challenges, students will work together as a team to solve problems, build code and complete a project.

All along there will be mentors to guide students, answer questions and help them to move their projects forward. These mentors will come from high schools, other learning institutions, and working developers with proven mentoring experience.

Students will be assigned teams based on their coding ability, ensuring an engaging, challenging experience that is also fun.

Languages & Challenges for Every Level


We’ll ensure first time coders aren’t overwhelmed by introducing heavily mentored challenges that work with tools like MineCraft, teaching key coding ideas without actual code.


For students with some exposure to coding, we’ll focus on simpler projects that can be completed in a day, and use Scratch, or possibly simple HTML. Mentors will ensure that students create something they can be proud of!


For students with solid coding experience, we’ll offer more complex projects that allow teams to stretch their abilities while achieving things they weren’t sure they could.

High Schools





Join us for a full day of code challenges and learning!

10:00 AM Check-In

10:30 AM Projects Start

11:00 AM Women in Tech panel

12:00 PM Careers in tech beyond coding

1:30 PM College courses in tech

3:00 PM Teams finish project work and judging

4:15 PM Awards

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